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Materials 2018

We will publish on this page slides, photo reports, feedback from participants and recorded video.

Stage A 400 seats Stage B 200 seats Stage C 200 seats
9:00 9:45 Registration, welcome coffee
9:45 10:00 Conference opening
10:00 10:45 DevOps checklist or how to understand where is your team in DevOps landscape

Mikalai Alimenkou (Founder and Coach at XP Injection, Ukraine)
Ultimate journey towards real-time data platform with 2.5M/s

Boris Trofimov (Big Data Architect/Team Leader at Sigma Software, Ukraine)
Live Kubernetes Debugging with the Elastic Stack

Philipp Krenn (Developer Advocate at Elastic, Austria)


10:45 11:05 Break
11:05 11:50 The art of data engineering

Andrii Soldatenko (Senior Data Engineer at Toptal, Ukraine)
Learning the Three Types of Microservices

Mike Amundsen (Director of API Architecture at API Academy/Broadcom, USA)


Kubernetes CI-CD Frameworks Case Study

Denys Vasyliev (Lead Software Engineer at GlobalLogic, Ukraine)
11:50 12:10 Break
12:10 12:55 DevOps ICU: Improving DevOps Results by (Correctly) Integrating UX

Debbie Levitt (CEO at Ptype UX & Product Design Agency, Italy)


Microservice Testing With Ease Like A Breeze

Igor Redkach (Senior Technical QA Engineer at Ciklum, Ukraine)
How to write Terraform code which will not scare you in half-year?

Anton Babenko (Terraform AWS fanatic at Betajob AS, Norway)
12:55 14:00 Lunch
14:00 14:45 Good Service: Detect and avoid errors in the world of microservices

Martin Lehmann (Software Developer at Folio AS, Norway)


Function as a Service in private cloud

Sergey Rybalkin (Software Engineer at Alibaba Group, Russia)
Infrastructure under test in Openshift

Yegor Maksymchuk (Senior Automation QC Engineer at SoftServe, Ukraine)
14:45 15:05 Break
15:05 15:50 Conway’s transformation for legacy product

Alexey Tokar (VP of Engineering at Form.com, Ukraine)
How to setup TDD in a service company

Alex Babko (Engineering Director at Apriorit, Ukraine)
Event-Driven Systems With MongoDB

Andrii Litvinov (Senior Software Engineer, Ukraine)
15:50 16:20 Coffee break
16:20 17:05 Continuous API Management

Mike Amundsen (Director of API Architecture at API Academy/Broadcom, USA)


SLA, SLO, SLI, Error budgets, or how to keep calm and do your job

Yaroslav Molochko (System Architect at AnchorFree, Ukraine)
How to build Performance Testing solution of Blazemeter level for Free

Volodymyr Prymakov (Head of Testing Center of Excellence at Thomas Cook Group, Ukraine)
Yevhen Yepishev (Performance QA Engineer at Thomas Cook Group, Ukraine)
17:05 17:25 Break
17:25 18:10 On the road to 6.9k. How to succeed in technical interview.

Volodymyr Tsap (CTO at SHALB, Ukraine)
How we tried Kubernetes and how we are now rewriting our application

Eugene Genov (Head of Product Development at Terrasoft, Ukraine)
CI/CD on pure AWS

Andrey Trubitsyn (Solution Architect at EPAM, Ukraine)
18:10 18:30 Whiskey party
18:30 19:30 BOF: Web Security. Level Up^

Izzet Mustafaiev (Solution Architect at EPAM, Ukraine)
BOF: Building the search engine: from thorns to stars

Andrey Vinda (Team Lead at SBTech, Ukraine)
BOF: Myths and truths about Dependency Injection

Igor Kochetov (SDET at Unity Technologies, Ukraine)
19:40 20:30 Whiskey party
Stage A 400 seats Stage B 200 seats Stage C 200 seats
9:00 9:45 Welcome coffee
9:45 10:00 Opening of the second day
10:00 10:45 Think Big, Start Small, Learn Fast: from small R&D to Cutting Edge, implementing Continuous Innovation

Dmytro Lavrinenko (Solutions Architect at SoftServe, Ukraine)
10:45 11:05 Break
11:05 11:50 Service Mesh – Why? How? What?

Orkhan Gasimov (Digital Transformation Architect at GlobalLogic, Ukraine)
Scaling data ingest to 20 billion messages/day with GDPR requirements

Yevgeniy Byedaryev (DevOps Engineer at Anchorfree, Ukraine)
DIY Kubernetes identity provider. The Hard Way with Dex and LDAP.

Igor Borodin (SRE at Dreamteam, Ukraine)
11:50 12:10 Break
12:10 12:55 Official Docker Images – Lessons Learned

Philipp Krenn (Developer Advocate at Elastic, Austria)


Cloud Migration. Lift-and-shift. Really? Don’t be naive!

Yura Nosenko (Kotlin/Java Lead at Attendify, Ukraine)
Continuous Delivery with Jenkins declarative pipeline

Borys Zora (System Architect at Yaypay Inc., Ukraine)
Serhii Petrychenko (Software Architect at Golden Dimension, Ukraine)
12:55 14:00 Lunch
14:00 14:45 XP practices implementation for large product development team

Vladimir Nikonov (Head of Platform Development at Terrasoft, Ukraine)
Serverless in production, an experience report

Yan Cui (Principal Engineer at DAZN, UK)


CI/CD Infrastucture as a Code

Volodymyr Tsap (CTO at SHALB, Ukraine)
14:45 15:05 Break
15:05 15:50 Sustainable system testing with Chaos

Paul Stack (Infrastructure Engineer at Samsung Research, UK)


DevOps applied: survival guide

Taras Slipets (Senior Software Engineer at FlixBus, Germany)
Bid for Your Instances!

Yaroslav Koriavyi (Lead Software Engineer at EPAM, Ukraine)
15:50 16:10 Break
16:10 16:55 DevOps Types and Anti-patterns

Denys Vasyliev (Lead Software Engineer at GlobalLogic, Ukraine)
Immutable Database. Safe Way to Migrate Large Data Stores.

Yevhen Bobrov (Platform Engineer at YouScan, Ukraine)
Azure way: from PaaS to Containers.

Serhiy Kalinets (Software Architect at Steer73, Ukraine)
16:55 17:15 Conference closing