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Denys Vasyliev

Denys Vasyliev

Lead Software Engineer at GlobalLogic, Ukraine

Focused on Cloud Native Solutions Architecture, Development and Operations 10+ years in Telecom industry: network engineer, technical manager, operation team and unit lead, CTO. IP transit operators, Internet Providers and Mobile Network Operators: Beeline, Kyivstar, MTS , Velcom, Mobicom, Azerfon, Azercell, Astelit 2 Startups: manager positions and system architect/software engineer role. 5 years as Co-Founder cloud b2b/b2c web application project: VoIP Roaming Solution. Today: lead software engineer in Cloud Native Media Project.

Speaker's activity

DevOps Types and Anti-patterns

December 8th




This Topic is based on true story and originates from a number of circumstances that served the birth of what we call devops today.

In June 2009, at the O’Reilly Velocity conference, John Allspaw and Paul Hammond presented the speech “10 Deploys a Day: Dev and Ops Cooperation at Flickr.”

The presentation had a amazing effect. Allspaw and Hammond in roles play a controversial interaction between design and operation. The usual deployment scene of application deployment with all the stuff like, “This is not my code, these are your servers!”.

Only rational way forward is when application development and operation are seamless, transparent and fully integrated. Over time, this presentation has reached legendary status and is historically regarded as an important moment that brought to the IT industry the methods that we now know as DevOps.

In 2013, Matthew Skelton presented us the work of web.devopstopologies.com. This is a kind of collection of anti-patterns and best practices for building communication in teams.

I offered to grant the right to use the materials and make a report adapted to Ukrainian realities and my personal experience. Matt kindly agreed.

Speech format was made more interesting than just a set of slides and a retelling of the source: graphics and characters from Ukrainian artists, javascript animation, high-performance http server in pure assembler, Kubernetes cluster on Raspberry Pi. I hope you will enjoy it.