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Martin Lehmann

Martin Lehmann

Software Developer at Folio AS, Norway

Martin spends most of his time writing JavaScript for browsers and servers, and got involved in FINN.no’s monitoring efforts due to his passion for delivering good quality in all layers of the service — from uptime and response latency to a good and accessible user experience in the browser.

He has worked quite a bit on establishing good metrics to monitor the services by, and then monitoring them using various free, open source tools. He has also been part of FINN.no’s on-call group, so he has experienced the chosen monitoring solutions from several perspectives.

Speaker's activity

Good Service: Detect and avoid errors in the world of microservices

December 7th




Nothing is worse for your service’s reputation than being unwittingly down.

The developers at FINN.no are building and operating four hundred microservices to power Norway’s largest online classified ads site. There is no dedicated operations team, yet almost every major incident is limited to a few minutes of reduced service.

After a long road filled with adjustments and various initiatives to introduce monitoring across teams and domains, we have found a solution that works for us.

Learn how FINN.no builds nuanced real-time monitoring into a fleet of several hundred services; what to measure, and how to detect and isolate errors within seconds; and how to respond when something goes wrong.


Slides can be found here.