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Eugene Genov

Eugene Genov

Head of Product Development at Terrasoft, Ukraine

An expert with 10+ years of development experience. Areas of work – concepts of products development, development of architectural solutions. Huge experience in implementation projects and product development.

Speaker's activity

How we tried Kubernetes and how we are now rewriting our application

December 7th




The recipe for transition of functionality blocks from monolith to microservices: take Kubernetes, add the microservices, season with DevOps metrics and culture and get an excellent transformation of the architecture of your application.

We’ll talk about how we got Kubernetes, what problems we solved “out of the box”, practices on the choice of strategy for moving monolith blocks, how the DevOps culture changed in the development teams within this transition.

We will share the experience of interaction between the architectures of multi-tenant and single-tenant solutions that appeared in the process of changes. How teams created metrics for new services and how, consequently, the work processes changed.

Does one need to react to such metrics and how soon? What should not one take out into microservices? Why did we decide like this and why we don’t want to? We will tell about the experience of using such services in production, share success stories and experience in supporting such solutions.