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Yevhen Bobrov

Yevhen Bobrov

Platform Engineer at YouScan, Ukraine

Platform Engineer at YouScan. Mainly focused on high-load and scalable systems for the cloud. Open-source fan and author of several projects including Nake, Streamstone and Orleankka. Interested in design patterns, reactive architectures and distributed systems.

Speaker's activity

Immutable Database. Safe Way to Migrate Large Data Stores.

December 8th




Relational database schema migration is a procedure familiar for everyone: add a new field, create transformation script, run it, several seconds of waiting and done!

But what if the data volume is bigger than 1 TB or even 10+ TB? How to guarantee high availability of the storage? How not to miss the updates? What if something goes wrong during migration? Who wants to be responsible for the downtime of a 24х7х365 system?

In this talk, we’ll take a deep dive into an approach for safe large-scale data migration, that we use in YouScan to evolve multi-terabyte Elasticsearch cluster. You will understand what role do DevOps culture and Immutable Infrastructure principle play in this approach and what additional benefits it could bring.