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Anton Babenko

Anton Babenko

Terraform AWS fanatic at Betajob AS, Norway

Anton Babenko is a long time developer, CTO, and tech-lead who is spending a large amount of his time as an open-source contributor to various Terraform & AWS projects, terraform-aws-modules, modules.tf and a few others. The most popular one is where he manages a collection of verified Terraform AWS modules (terraform-aws-modules on GitHub) which is being downloaded more than 1,5 million times. The newest one is where he describes Terraform best practices learned during several years of working with Terraform and established within the community (www.terraform-best-practices.com). He also leads AWS, DevOps and HashiCorp User Groups in Norway, organizes DevOpsDays Oslo, and speaks often at various technical meetups and conferences. He is passionate about all-things-cloud and solution architecture combined with automation and scripting.

Speaker's activity

How to write Terraform code which will not scare you in half-year?

December 7th




Many of us know and use Terraform already but there are no best practices, and each team has to invent their solutions.

An infrastructure almost always starts with few resources and few developers. As time goes, it grows in all possible directions. You found your ways around grouping resources into Terraform modules, so what can go wrong? (famous last words)

After three years of maintaining an open-source collection of Terraform AWS modules and long-term usage of Terraform in production, I want to share my experience and explain how to write Terraform code which will not scare you in half-year… (or when Terraform 1.0 is out)

This talk is best for people who have already read official documentation, use Terraform and have practical questions.