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Yaroslav Molochko

Yaroslav Molochko

System Architect at AnchorFree, Ukraine

System Architect at Anchorfree, where he is a part of a core team implementing best practices, which then applied companywide. Distributed computing, highload, high scale are not just buzz words for Yaroslav, but real life challenges. He knows a lot how not to do things, and a little bit about how to actually do it.

Speaker's activity

SLA, SLO, SLI, Error budgets, or how to keep calm and do your job

December 7th




Those who have read SRE book, noticed those abbreviations, but mostly nobody actually started using on a daily basis. At AnchorFree, we have several thousands of nodes, and hundreds of services, we have 3 SRE teams dealing with all of this with reasonable success.

In this talk I’m going to describe how Core SRE team implemented SLO and error budgets on practice, what where our pitfalls, and how you might try to do it yourself. Should you even bother?