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Dmytro Lavrinenko

Dmytro Lavrinenko

Solutions Architect at SoftServe, Ukraine

Dmytro has over 13+ years of commercial experience in software development and 6+ years of DevOps experience. Successfully led complex projects with small and middle teams, covering various aspects of software development, process, and methodology. Has strong knowledge in DevOps design and development and enterprise application architecture and implementation DevOps best practices.

Speaker's activity

Think Big, Start Small, Learn Fast: from small R&D to Cutting Edge, implementing Continuous Innovation

December 8th




Long story short, every work has its begging and the end. Every project begins with something and ends up at some point. In case we don’t want to follow the stream, – we should create innovations and start new directions. Let’s make a journey and reach all the checkpoint we need to make the continuous innovation happen. Step by step we will solve different cases in the state of uncertainty to achieve our goal being the leader of innovations.