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Orkhan Gasimov

Orkhan Gasimov

Digital Transformation Architect at GlobalLogic, Ukraine

Basically, I am a software engineer already 15 years. Started as a programmer in my 17 and grow up as an architect, trainer, and just a person who likes technology and hands-on practice. I am author of trainings on such topics as Microservices, Spring Cloud, Akka. I like to work with people, and trainings help me a lot to stay in touch with technical people.

Speaker's activity

Service Mesh – Why? How? What?

December 8th




Service Mesh. What does it mean? We have already learned Microservices and can develop complex distributed applications. Is Service Mesh something we need or is another fancy buzzword?

This talk, will give an idea of what a Service Mesh is, how it is applied to existing architectures and will help you to understand if you really need it.