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Serhiy Kalinets

Serhiy Kalinets

Software Architect at Steer73, Ukraine

Serhiy is a professional developer and software architect living in Kyiv. Heavily advocates XP practices and strives to automate everything. TDD addict and console lover. Despite being .NET guy for years he tries to stay up to date with other technologies. Currently helps teams in Steer73 to build cool products.

Speaker's activity

Azure way: from PaaS to Containers.

December 8th




Azure is a mature cloud provider, offering many deployment options for your services. Clients can choose between them according to their scalability, maintainability, availability and pricing needs. In this talk Serhiy will share the evolution of deployment models used by small software development company for different custom project. We will discuss pros and cons of each, and how to proceed to the next level without pain.