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Igor Kochetov

Igor Kochetov

SDET at Unity Technologies, Ukraine

Software developer (.Net, Python) with 10+ years of expertise designing and developing distributed client-server applications currently building internal and external tools for Unity Technologies to enhance productivity of QA and R&D teams. Good engineering practices evangelist, religious about team culture and processes automation. Speaker at user groups and local events.

Speaker's activity

BOF: Myths and truths about Dependency Injection

December 7th


BOF session


It’s 2018 and DI is a well-known and established technique on all major platforms and languages. So why can’t we still have a clear answer to the questions like ‘is DI/IoC container a mandatory thing to apply DI?’ or ‘what is a true way to implement DI in language/platform X?’ or ‘is it even a good/useful thing?’. Let’s find those answers together and refresh our memory on the initial goals and targets of DI and its surrounding design patterns.