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Denys Vasyliev

Denys Vasyliev

Lead Software Engineer at GlobalLogic, Ukraine

Focused on Cloud Native Solutions Architecture, Development and Operations 10+ years in Telecom industry: network engineer, technical manager, operation team and unit lead, CTO. IP transit operators, Internet Providers and Mobile Network Operators: Beeline, Kyivstar, MTS , Velcom, Mobicom, Azerfon, Azercell, Astelit 2 Startups: manager positions and system architect/software engineer role. 5 years as Co-Founder cloud b2b/b2c web application project: VoIP Roaming Solution. Today: lead software engineer in Cloud Native Media Project.

Speaker's activity

Kubernetes CI-CD Frameworks Case Study

December 7th




A set of flexible and comprehensive operation principles to cover all stages of a modern application life cycle.

Almost any Customer wants the Setup to be compatible with existing infrastructure. It assumes a Bare Metal, Private or Public Cloud. In special cases even offline setup, for example, Airports, Fintech sector or Telecom operators. The main requirements are: Scalability, High Availability, Security Compliance, Professional Service.

So, we should cover all three tiers: Infrastructure, Control Plane and Application Plane. Market leaders are Drone, Argo and Knative. And our story we called Cloud Flex Framework.