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Sergey Rybalkin

Sergey Rybalkin

Software Engineer at Alibaba Group, Russia

Principal Engineer in Alibaba Group Russian R&D team. Leading FaaS and Kotlin adoption projects. Giving lectures on Kotlin and Java in MSU.

Speaker's activity

Function as a Service in private cloud

December 7th


Online Talk


In my talk, we will have a look at Function as a Service in Alibaba private cloud. FaaS gives our developers a freedom from the DevOps world. Now they are spending time exactly on development. Serverless also significantly reduces the number of microservices in our deployment.

We will go through the difficulties that we’re facing developing and optimizing the platform. We’ll talk about how to provide the most comfortable and effective environment for the functions’ developer. I will overview the point of choosing Kotlin for such a solution and the most valuable language features.