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Conference materials

We will publish on this page everything related to the conference: slides, photos, reports, video, etc.

XP Days 2015:



You could find our photo report here

Stage A300 seats Stage B150 seats
9:009:45 Registration, welcome coffee
9:4510:00 Conference opening
10:0010:50 EnBecoming a Better Programmer
Pete Goodliffe
Escaping from the automation hell
Yan Drugalya
10:5011:00 Break
11:0011:50 EnScaling To Infinity: The Quest For Fully Automated, Scalable, Self-Healing System With Zero-Downtime
Viktor Farcic
How to make your functional tests really quick
Mikalai Alimenkou
11:5012:00 Break
12:0012:50 Points of View: key to good communication in the team – see quality behind diagrams
Eugene Krivosheyev
DCI @ XING – same same but different
Boris Tveritnev
13:0014:30 Lunch break
14:3015:20 EnPair Programming: how to do it right
Jon Jagger
Price of the data you’ve lost
Viktor Polischuk
15:2015:30 Break
15:3016:20 8 Things That Make Continuous
Delivery Go Nuts

Eduards Sizovs
EnScaling Docker with Kubernetes
Carlos Sanchez
16:2017:00 Coffee break
17:0017:50 Produсtonomicon. Antipatterns.
Dmitriy Yefimenko
API Driven Development
Dmytro Mindra
17:5018:00 Closing of the first day
18:0020:00 Whiskey party
Stage A300 seats Stage B150 seats
9:009:45 Welcome coffee
9:4510:00 Opening of the second day
10:0010:50 EnTowards an Evolutionary Architecture (part 1)
Venkat Subramaniam
EnThe Transition from Product to Infrastructure
Paul Stack
10:5011:00 Break
11:0011:50 EnTowards an Evolutionary Architecture (part 2)
Venkat Subramaniam
Confession of An Engineer
Taras Matyashovskyy
11:5012:00 Break
12:0012:50 EnContinuous Delivery – the missing parts
Paul Stack
Software Architecture Anti-Patterns
Eduards Sizovs
13:0014:30 Lunch break
14:3015:20 What does it mean to be a test engineer?
Andrey Dzynia
Lightning Talks
Planning – “shmanning”, estimations – “shmetimations”
Mikalai Alimenkou
UX Design & Agile
Tanya Zavialova
Don’t let your code to be illiterate along with your colleagues
Izzet Mustafaiev
Product Requirements: where they are coming from?
Katya Kameneva
15:2015:30 Break
15:3016:20 EnPragmatics of TDD to Evolve Design
(part 1)
Venkat Subramaniam
Why to bother with writing test? Nobody cares?!
Dmitriy Shekhovtsov
16:2017:00 Coffee break
17:0017:50 EnPragmatics of TDD to Evolve Design
(part 2)
Venkat Subramaniam
Automate everything you should
Serhiy Kalinets
17:5018:10 Conference closing