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Victor Polischuk

Victor Polischuk

Infopulse, Ukraine

Java technical leader at Infopulse Ukraine. Production experience counts 14 years including about 12 years of Java development. Expert in Java and JavaScript. Smartass.

Speaker's activity

Price of the data you’ve lost

50 minutes



I’ve been working as software engineer for a long time and almost every time I am introduced to a new application I feel desperation on the data organization within it. When I have a chance to talk to developers they explains me that it is done according to initial requirements or because of performance reasons or even because of YAGNI and KISS principles.

As a result, huge amount of incredibly valuable information was lost and was lost intentionally. It is not their direct fault because it was implemented “exactly” what they had been told. However, I do think that the design flaws were so obvious that the guys should at least be ashamed.

I want to share my vision on the application design in terms of data processing. I will show how precious data can be and why you cannot take it lightly. Code aside I will be talking only about data and data alone. I hope it will help you avoid numbers of design pitfalls when it comes to data.