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Eugene Krivosheyev

Eugene Krivosheyev

SkillTrek, Russia

Eugene helps Russia IT companies from TOP-50 to become more flexible and effective. He supports Agile processes from bottom to top, implementing engineering practices and good approaches to design/architecture. At the moment involved into SkillTrek project, where he trains engineers for practical skills in real-life projects.

Speaker's activity

Points of View: key to good communication in the team – see quality behind diagrams

50 minutes



I think the root of all evil in software development is misunderstanding and communication impedance of the team. Especially if team members are in different production roles. This directly leads to project and product fails.

In case of issues and fails team members reactively solve it. But can we behave more proactive? This means managing quality early and not to be a hostage of issues.
Yes, we can! And the key to proactive quality management is to decrease mentioned misunderstanding and communication impedance of team.

In this talk I’ll describe team comminucation framework based on concept of Points Of View. Also we’ll disscuss three particular patterns you can instatly take away to your project. Please prepare your own project cases in form of text description or UML so we could discuss it.