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DIO-soft is a fast-growing and successful company. We work as a team of highly qualified specialists: project managers, business analysts, developers, QA engineers, systems analysts, designers, and support engineers. We create robust solutions that meet clients’ individual requirements. Our company operates in accordance with international quality standards. We actively work with large American financial institutions, including investment banks on a number of projects.At the same time, DIO-soft is committed to provide quality services to companies of any size.

Resource efficiency and flexibility in approaching customer needs are the core principles that help our company to grow and evolve along with our clients. At any given time, we work on about two dozen large projects. We have developed a strong record with over 100 successful implementations.


One of our company basic principles is to create a strong team of professionals to implement each project. However, this does not mean that we close our doors to young, but talented people. We would like to invite promising Juniors to cooperation offering them training and career growth opportunities.

Professional level of candidates is determined after the interview. We value not only candidates’ technical knowledge, but also their individual qualities. DIO-soft management believes that mutual understanding and friendly atmosphere in the company is one of the key factors for successful and productive work.

We are constantly striving for development, self-improvement, and process optimization. This includes everything from software development to corporate culture.

Individual approach to every employee remains a fundamental principle of all our changes and innovations. We create an atmosphere conducive to improvement of the quality of work which, in turn, brings the pleasure of its execution.

For more information visit www.dio-soft.com.