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Yaroslav Koriavyi

Yaroslav Koriavyi

Lead Software Engineer at EPAM, Ukraine

Current focus is on the architectures of secured, scaleable, responsive and available solutions. Extensive experience in designing and developing distributed system architecture, tuning/measuring application performance and availability.

Wide experience in Agile/Scrum, advocating and spreading clean code, TDD, CI/CD and other engineering practices. Striving for innovative solutions and solving business problems.

Speaker's activity

Bid for Your Instances!

December 8th




Amazon EC2 allows you to bid for and run spare EC2 capacity, known as Spot instances, in a dynamically priced market. On average, customers save 80% to 90% compared to On-Demand prices by using Spot instances. In this session, we dive into how to design scalable, cloud-friendly application architectures can leverage new Spot features to realize immediate cost savings while maintaining availability. Attendees will leave with practical knowledge of how, via well architected applications, they can run production services on the Spot instances.