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Vladimir Nikonov

Vladimir Nikonov

Head of Platform Development at Terrasoft, Ukraine

An expert with 10+ years of development experience. Areas of work – concepts of platform development, development of architectural solutions. Passioned for microservices architecture.

Speaker's activity

XP practices implementation for large product development team

December 8th




We want to share our experience in implementing a wide range of XP practices within the generated product and how they influenced the development processes and the functional quality. We will:

– compare the practices that gave the greater result and those that were less successful;
– consider the difficulties in implementation at different stages and which solutions were applied;
– describe what tools were chosen and what changes the platform underwent to enable the use of any of them in all development branches;
– tell how and where we increased the competence in the use of different approaches and how we scale knowledge to the entire development department;
– speak about the changes in the release of functionality processes and team work planning;
– share our plans and impressions why, in our opinion, it is worth going through the hard way of XP transformations to anyone who is engaged in the software development.