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Serhii Petrychenko

Serhii Petrychenko

Software Architect at Golden Dimension, Ukraine

Passioned with microservices and all related things to them. He knows how to split monolith application into microservices and build continuous integration process for these purposes.

Speaker's activity

Continuous Delivery with Jenkins declarative pipeline

December 8th




When you start your journey with µServices, you should be confident with your delivery lifecycle. In case of mistake, you should be able to navigate to appropriate tag in vcs to reproduce the bug with a test & go though pipeline within 3 hours to production with high confidence of quality.

We will discuss set of tools that could help you to achieve this within 3 months on your project. It does not include system decoupling suggestions. And in the same time, if you decide to break down monolith, it is better to do with dev & devOps best practices.

Demo examples will include among best practices some code: jenkins pipeline code is written on groovy, µServices is on spring boot, Dockerfile, mesos configurations, angularjs SPA. Tests: unit, integration, component, system (or selenium in case of UI), performance (Jmeter extended on fly with java & groovy code, with grafana dashboards that used influxdb), database backward compatibility testing, rest contract testing.

Also will be covered practices how to do Continuous Delivery for UI SPAs without harming each tenant,
customer may decide later what version of UI he want. Cloud configuration will have this information & on the fly will be ready to change behavior for the customer.

All these practices will help you deliver a lot without a harm 😉