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Sergii Kryshtop

Sergii Kryshtop

Software Engineering Manager at EPAM, Ukraine

Sergii Kryshtop is Software Engineer Manager @ EPAM Ukraine, cloud evangelist with a focus on Microsoft Azure and project delivery. Has more than 10+ years of experience in IT with diverse knowledge of different areas of Microsoft Technology stack. Has main focus in system architecture, software design and engineering practices for continuous delivery.

Speaker's activity

Building Continuous Delivery Pipeline In Azure - Infrastructure, Tools and Processes

November 12th




This talks covers the setup and turning the Continuous Delivery process in Microsoft Azure cloud.

It includes organizing delivery pipeline with GitFlow branching model, Visual Studio Team Services (former Visual Studio Online) as CI tool and Octopus Deploy as Release Management tool, organizing the dev/test environments in Azure leveraging Azure Resource Management API. Lessons learnt includes:

1. Organizing CI builds for branching, segregation of Ci and Deployment tools
2. Configuration and Parameters management. Testing deployment configuration.

The talk is based on my presentation on AzureDay in Kyiv, but will be reorganized a little bit to bring more practice and deep dive.