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Sergey Sergyenko

Sergey Sergyenko

Project Manager at EPAM, Belarus

Software Craftsman, Agile adherent and follower, who believes in lifelong learning, continuing education and self-improvement paradigms. Formal leader and one of the founders of Belarus Ruby User Group. Active contributor to Software Craftsmanship and Agile communities in Minsk, Belarus. Teacher and scientific mentor in Belarusian State University.

Speaker's activity

Engineering Excellence in large service company

November 12th




This talk is aiming to answer the following questions: What makes contractor-engineers of a vendor service provider to be different and competitive on a global IT market? How to incorporate all the technology diversity and successfully deliver high quality, enterprise level complex solutions? What is the nowadays startups and how to foster right engineering culture to enforce it? Deliberate practice and continuous learning as a technology agnostic approach in mastering engineering craft.

In this talk I’m going to share a story about implementing Engineering Excellence (ENGX) department in a large outsourcing company. I’m going to present a number of show cases of ENGX integration for a different clients and describe what didn’t work well and how we struggle with it. I will also present a few things that we managed to implement and successfully integrate into internal company’s process, such as mandatory onboarding training – Bootcamp and Dojo platrom that can help engineers in hardening their technical capabilities.