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Mikalai Alimenkou

Mikalai Alimenkou

Senior Delivery Manager at EPAM, Ukraine

Java Tech Lead and Scrum Master. Expert in Java development, scalable architecture, Agile engineering practices and project management. Having more than 10 years of development experience, specializes on complex distributed scalable systems. Active participant and speaker of many international conferences. Founder and coach in training center XP Injection. Organizer and founder of Selenium Camp, JEEConf, XP Days Ukraine and IT Brunch conferences. Founder of active “Anonymous developers club” (uadevclub).

Speaker's activity

How to make your functional tests really quick

50 minutes



Functional tests are usually the slowest layer of automated tests for almost every product. They use product via UI, store data in real DB, integrate with external services and do other “slow” things. The first easy answer how to make them fast is to run in parallel. But in reality tests depends on the same data and intersect by some common functionality. In this talk we will review useful techniques and approaches how to win this battle.


Planning - "shmanning", estimations - "shmetimations"

15 minutes

Lightning Talk


This talk was inspired by “The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable” book written by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. I want to apply his ideas to IT industry and discuss absurdness of it’s basic practices like estimation and planning. Human beings have some very strange habits like building theories just to bring some facts together or believing in such theories with ignorance of facts where they don’t work at all. Managers want to play in such games and even measure success with metrics based on almost nothing – our ability to predict the future. Lets discuss how to change software development processes to avoid fooling yourself and your colleagues.