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Jakub Pilimon

Jakub Pilimon

Architect/Consultant at jPilo, Poland

Software Developer, Trainer @ ‎Bottega IT Minds, DZone’s Most-Valuable Blogger. Passionate programmer with 7 years of experience. DDD, TDD and architecture are his main areas of interest. When Jakub doesn’t program he runs a DDD/architecture training, rides motorbike, grows his beard. He has DZone MVB awarded blog: pillopl.github.io.

Speaker's activity

Think in events



Tired of fancy abstractions without actual down to earth implementation? In this talk we will go through some benefits of having event-sourced model on a real example. This is full-time live coding and we will start from a simple Spring Boot based OOP application and turn it upside down with events. Basic knowledge about DDD and/or OOP is welcome!