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Izzet Mustafaiev

Izzet Mustafaiev

EPAM, Ukraine

Primary skills are in Java, hands on coding with Ruby/Groovy, exploring FP with Erlang/Elixir, system programming with Rust. Participated in different projects as a developer and architect. Fun of XP practices, crazy about automation, still trying to see continuous delivery in a real life. Advocating Clean Code and DevOps habits and practices, speaking at engineering conferences like JEEConf, XPDays, AgileEE, JavaDay, InfoShare, EPAM SEC. Away from work I’m a family guy, raising a son; time to time doing BBQ parties, gardening and traveling.

Speaker's activity

Don't let your code to be illiterate along with your colleagues

15 minutes

Lightning talk


Do you remember you saw in the code method with name “getCatalogVerion()” or variable name “reimbusmentEntrys” or comment “necesarry”? If you’re an Eclipse user I’d say you’re lucky, IntelliJ guys are not. Why? Because they see those silly mistakes after Eclipse guys checked code in. If you’re an IntelliJent person and do not want to make a “holly war” come to my talk – I’m going to share a good practices to keep your code “clean” from grammar perspective as well.