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Igor Fesenko

Igor Fesenko

Application Architect at SoftServe, Ukraine

Application Architect, SoftServe. He is passionate about designing and developing scalable, flexible, cloud ready software solutions, utilizing state of art security practices. He is proficient in C#, JavaScript & Azure and has managed and assessed multiple projects focusing on high performance and large data solutions. His current focus is on the building and improvement of scalable and secure web applications, cloud-enabled applications and operations, and identity & access management.

Speaker's activity

Continuous Learning using Application Performance Management & Monitoring

November 11th




When an application has been released to production or a new feature is done we know that our work is not over. With your application being used by real users, now is an ideal opportunity to collect valuable data.

In this presentation Igor will show how easy it is to instrument your app and get ambient monitoring out of the box, with almost zero effort. Also Igor will demonstrate how you can quickly build monitoring charts, dashboards, alerts and configure diagnostics logs to get a 360° view of your application. This presentation unlocks the best practices and the essentials based on real world stories from his practical experience to find performance bottlenecks, random exceptions, usage patterns of end users, availability and so on.

During a session Igor will give you a sense of metrics importance through the possibilities of New Relic and Application Insights tools and show few interesting stories.