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Helen Beal

Helen Beal

DevOpsologist at Ranger4, UK

Helen has 20 years experience working in the technology industry with a focus on the Software Development Lifecycle for a wealth of cross industry clients in the UK and abroad. Helen is passionate about DevOps and is the creator of the Ranger4 DevOps LiftOff Workshop and the Ranger4 DevOps Maturity Assessment – winner of the IBM Beacon Award 2015 for Outstanding DevOps Solution. She also started Ranger4’s #DevOpsFriday5 initiative and is on the Board of Regents at the DevOps Institute (Ranger4 are also a Registered Education Provider for the DOI’s DevOps training courses). Helen is also a novelist and ecologist. She once saw a flamingo lay an egg.

Speaker's activity

DevOps: The Harmonious, Polygamous Marriage

November 11th




DevOps is not simply building a continuous delivery pipeline and many people feel that they’ve been ‘doing’ devops (or trying to!) for many years. So why, exactly, has the term received so much attention? What really is it? In this talk, Helen explores the devops trend, its roots and history and its purpose as a transformational, evolutionary movement to make better software, faster and more safely. She will discuss its relationships with Agile, Lean and ITSM and review how organisations have successfully, and not so successfully, used devops to elevate the way their business delivers innovation to their customers.