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Dov Nimratz

Dov Nimratz

Project Manager at Intellias, Ukraine

Dov has 25+ years of R&D experience and spend 17 years in the High Tech Israel industry. His main engineering expertise in Real Time, Embedded, Telecom and Management fields. Also, he is teaching and practicing Biblical Counseling within “Coram Deo” International Counseling Institute.

Speaker's activity

CI is essential but not sufficient for an effective delivery

November 11th




Continues Integration is essential, but is it enough to have Jenkins or TeamCity? Unfortunately no – we need tools and methods to get efficient delivery workflow. Three stones, such as monolithic code + test suites + deployment pipeline should be faced.

We will speak about Test Pyramid and Trunk based development. Why may automated tests does not work in reality? Do we need Manual testing and in which step? What about Acceptance and Capacity test? How to put all of this in one deploy pipeline?