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Boris Tveritnev

Boris Tveritnev

XING AG, Germany

Boris Tveritnev is a software developer who believes that simple systems are better than complex ones. He likes to speak about various approaches to achieve desired simplicity. He currently works as a senior software developer at XING in Payments and Billing service team. Besides that, he maintains and contributes to several open-source projects and independently develops security solutions for retail markets.

Speaker's activity

DCI @ XING - same same but different

50 minutes



We write a lot of object oriented code at XING. Despite the ease of development with modern tools, we weren’t quite happy with the code produced as our codebase grew and matured until we introduced DCI (Data-Context-Interaction paradigm – Trygve Reenskaug’s invention, the author of famous MVC pattern).

DCI has become a hype word in recent years, yet one can hardly find evidence of real-life applications out there in the Internet. In this talk I’ll demonstrate how XING applies DCI to connect the important Agile practices and techniques such as DDD and TDD into a seamless development process, giving a revive of spirit to a long-lived OOP paradigm.