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Arkadiusz Głowacki

Arkadiusz Głowacki

Senior Software Engineer at Atlassian, Poland

Passionate about optimising everything that’s around him, interested in a variety of back-end technologies. Big fan of clean code and everything which helps programmer to faster deliver products with better quality. For almost two years worked on deployment pipeline for JIRA, now focusing on growing JIRA Cloud ecosystem.

Speaker's activity

JIRA journey to cloud

November 11th




How do you take a huge java monolith application and put it into Cloud? How do you provide independent continuous deployments of OSGi plugins and make sure everything was well tested together? How do you keep track of 1000 moving parts and still stay sane?

I will tell you the story how JIRA team answered those questions, what were the biggest challenges and easy wins. Presentation will be full of examples how we do things in JIRA like testing, branching, releasing and deploying, what tools we use and how we use them, how we keep our code in good shape and deliver it to almost 80,000 JIRA instances.

This will be continuation of story presented by Wojciech Seliga on XP Days in 2014. If you are interested what changed since then (even more tests and completely new challenges) I will gladly have you in the audience.