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Andrey Vinda

Andrey Vinda

Team Lead at SBTech, Ukraine

More than 12 years of experience in the development of applications, the last two years running the team at SBTech. The main activity is the development of highly loaded APIs based on ASP.NET Core 2. In addition to .NET, it has a practical experience of using different JavaScript frameworks. Currently he leads several projects related to high-loaded APIs that are using a micro-service architecture, supporting and improving the internal search engine and back-office solution.

Speaker's activity

BOF: Building the search engine: from thorns to stars

December 7th


BOF session


In the company I have built search engine based on ElasticSearch and distributed system of data import. I would like to share my experience and speak about the following topics:

– What the search engine is and why it’s needed?
– What platforms exist to choose from?
– ElasticSearch and its capabilities.
– How to ensure continuous data flow?
– Maintenance of data consistency.
– Reduce to a minimum effort needed for search extension.
– Lessons learned.