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Andrey Listochkin

Andrey Listochkin

Freelancer, Ukraine

Andrey Listochkin is a full-stack web developer from Kiev with over ten years of experience building large complex web applications. He’s a very active member of Ukrainian development community. He’s a co-founder of dev-ua – the largest chat community for developers in Eastern Europe, – Node.js/iojs Ukrainian localization working group member, Ukrainian Rust community leader, KyivJS and RustFest co-organizer and the member of Kottans.org – an IT education non-profit.

Speaker's activity

DevOps for A Busy Developer

November 11th




Our minds are bright, our thoughts are clear, our eyes are lit with passion, but we’ve got no time!

We thought frontend churn was terrible but DevOps space is so much worse! What tools to use? Which direction to take? What movement to follow? Every single day new tools emerge with a promise to solve the challenges we have and the ones we don’t know we have! We don’t have enough time to learn to use them properly, and each time we try them they either don’t work as expected, or do so inconsistently. Yet at the same time we face tight deadlines and have work to do!

The task at hand is clear: we’ve got a pile of code, and we want to run it on a bunch of servers. I will show you how I do it with as little sweat and tears as possible.