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Andrey Dzynia

Andrey Dzynia

Spotify, Sweden

Being passionate hacking out with his first personal computer Andrii decided to start his career as software tester. Within years worked on various projects with different product complexities, from small mobile startups to large Enterprise programs. Tried himself in different roles, such as: software tester, test automator, scrum master, team leader, test consultant. As well as initiatives: speaker, trainer, conference organiser, blogger. Currently working at Spotify with focus on improving development productivity of agile teams applying engineering practices in order to minimise delivery cycle and improve product quality.

Speaker's activity

What does it mean to be a test engineer?

50 minutes



Test engineering is hard, even harder than software development. Being test engineer puts you in a wider context, with no clear boundaries. You have to find those by yourself. This requires courage. Courage to take action, courage to make mistakes. As a test engineer, you do mistakes every day. You do them so often that sometimes you feel you can predict the future. Scientific explanation to this phenomena is patterns recognition. It is an ability of our brain to match the information from a stimulus with information retrieved from memory. Defect prevention is hard. Together with technical skills one have to develop high social awareness. Working on safety nets never was so important, different types of checks on different levels to make sure software is reliable and serves its purpose to the variety of everyday use-cases. We know that life is so complex and sometimes complicated which makes it impossible to predict all possible outcomes and scenarios. But striving for excellence never was so important as nowadays in such an open, transparent and competitive environment.

Goal of my talk will be to show you my everyday job as a test engineer. Not only how to look for defects, but how to prevent them from happening. Not only how to automate tests(noun), but how to build safety nets to minimize end-user impact. Not only how to inform testing status but how to influence quality on company level.