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Anastasiya Aseeva

Anastasiya Aseeva

DevOps Evangelist at Alfa-Bank, Russia

Leads projects of testing automation and DevOps at Alfa-Bank. She is DevOps evangelist, engineering practices adept and agile testing couch, rocking QA-industry since 2012. Has passed all roles ranging from manual QA to QA Lead.

Nastya has been in IT since 2007, started as developer and system admin. For 4 years she has been involved in testing of more than twenty projects. She is also applying the hybrid cloud infrastructure for the Bank.

Nastya’s mission is spreading of culture of quality and DevOps.

Speaker's activity

DevOps guide for awesome quality assurance

November 11th




The practical story telling how Devops changed the culture of quality in the Bank. Recently Devops became mainstream topic. But only few people have a deep understanding how to apply it to the process of software quality assurance. Some believe that the Devops kills manual testing.

I will talk about changes it makes to the role of QA engineers themself. The discussion main point is NOT about tools or technologies. It’s NOT about the “silver bullet” for your problems with the quality of products.

Instead, I will show you an integrated approach which we used for quality assurance. It allowed us to significantly reduce the cost of finding and fixing defects. This approach has also accelerated the development and delivery value to our customers and made the whole process more transparent and predictable.