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Alex Babko

Alex Babko

Engineering Director at Apriorit, Ukraine

A human, an engineer, and a manager. 10+ years on the professional field. 12 years working at Apriorit.

Extremely loves challenging technical and management tasks.

Speaker's activity

How to setup TDD in a service company

December 7th




TDD is a brilliant technique which is easy to understand but hard to implement as a part of SDLC, especially in the world of C/C++ development outsourcing.

At a product company meetup I attended several years ago, the general outlook was that it’s impossible to use the TDD technique in outsourcing. The technical interviews held at our company tended to confirm that as well.

Since then, we have persistently tried to rectify that and seem to have finally found an exciting way we’d like to share with the community. Hopefully, we are going to start a discussion and even provide some ideas for making the process of developing a better software more straightforward and enjoyable.