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Adriana Vasiu

Adriana Vasiu

Principal Software Engineer at Sky, UK

Adriana is a software engineer agonistic in terms of languages and with varied technical experience. Writing code is just a part of her job, there is so much more in between coding and getting an application performing well in production. Contributing to deployment pipelines, infrastructure and tooling is an essential part of what she likes doing.

Speaker's activity

Continuous Delivery with Jenkins & Kubernetes @ Sky

November 11th




The talk is based on what we currently use in Sky to deliver in a continuous fashion one of our platforms in Sky.

In short, it covers the following topics:

  • Problems we are trying to solve
  • Design a deployment pipeline that allows a large team to scale
  • Generate automatically pipelines using groovy DSL for Jenkins
  • Leverage Kubernetes for a flexible deployment model
  • Achieve continuous delivery

The demo will consist of taking a simple app from the first commit and all the way through the production deployment pipeline.