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Anton Zotin

Anton Zotin

Independent Agile Coach, Germany

Anton has worked in a wide variety of companies holding a wide range of positions: from garage startups to “bloody” enterprises; from a manual QA to a C-level position. He performed his first Scrum transformation in 2004.

– have helped many teams to become legendary.
– have consulted a wide variety of organizations across all layers.
– have trained hundreds of people through public & private classes.
– have spoken at conferences all over the world.

“I love what I do, and the reason is simple: my passion is to make software development less painful, more efficient and in this way to help people to be a little bit happier.”

Speaker's activity

Why you should not start an Agile transformation

December 7th




Agile is a buzzword these days. Everyone wants to become Agile. And vou la your company is already in the middle of an Agile transformation. Why? Well. All articles/talks/rumors say how awesome it will be there.

But I would like to share another story. One that is hard to hear. The dark and the sad one. What downsides you will experience on that journey. How it will negatively affect your business. What will be your losses. And how not to make this situation even worse.

I do not want to blame Agile here, instead I want honestly to take a look at the dark side of the Moon. Forewarned is forearmed.