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Dmitriy Yefimenko

Dmitriy Yefimenko

CTO at Portmone, Ukraine

Product and team manager, software architect, business and system analyst with more than 18 years of experience. Last 9 years specializes on sophisticated distributed fintech products, agile transformation and development processes. Active speaker of many conferences and events.

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Transformation practices



When the team is shifting to product development style, leader (or manager) faces typical problems. And for many years of building and transforming teams, each leader compose sets or frameworks of practices that allow him to succeed. I want to talk about typical problems and practices of their solutions: about product mindset and design thinking, about mentality and legacy, about evolution or revolution of development processes, about architecture and refactoring, about testing and delivery, coding and support. With each of these areas the leader lives every day in “cheek to cheek” mode and solving transformation problems. Hope my experience will helpful for you.