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Dmitry Menshikov

Dmitry Menshikov

CTO at Aurora Technologies, Ukraine

CTO at Aurora Technologies with 15 years of experience in software development. Dmitry has built highload systems for 7 years, has successfully used 15 languages and tens of technologies from start of his career. Retired gray hat and prior member of cybersecurity team with top places in worldwide contests, ACM participant in the past. Now he mostly teaches and mentors people to become engineers and C-level guys.

Speaker's activity

Top-10 fails on real highload project



In this talk I’m going to present experience, that I have achieved together with my team through pain on real highload project with millions of users. I will cover 10 hot stories:

– wrong selection of id algorithm, that almost led to closing of project and wasting of 2 years of development;
– fighting with over, over, overloaded MySql servers when turning replication on kills server;
– cleaning of partitions in MySql that caused server outage;
– HTML coder that changed design and instigated downtime for 4 hours;
– lack of knowledge of internal logic of Redis costs $50k;
– adding and removing servers from Memcahced pool starts full cache invalidation;
– fix of test and millions lost emails after that;
– release of one projects crashed another project;
– the biggest fail in design of message broker.