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Eugene Safonov

Eugene Safonov

Senior Software Engineer at Terrasoft, Ukraine

Senior software engineer with 10+ years of development experience and tremendous desire to share professional expertise to all the world and his dog. I am interested in the world of Microservices, superficially full of mysterious creatures as .Net Core services, PerconaDB, RabbitMQ and others – scary, tough and always funny.

Speaker's activity

The Zen of logging. How to face the worst day of your life.



Action! Where do I begin to tell the story of how your architecture is done, you have a logging framework, you know where to store logs. Where do you start writing it clear and useful?

Put the matter another way, during my talk I will try to share my’ experience with the audience on the following subtopics:

– What are logs in common and wherefore.
– Stuff you should never see in logs.
– Patterns and AntiPatterns.
– Logs within a distributed chaos.
– What to do to spend minutes and safe hours while surfing through a considering amount of data.

After all, I do not guarantee that your worst day ever will never happen. You’ll have a log at least. Don’t panic and carry a towel. Always!


Slides may be found here.