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Yaroslav Molochko

Yaroslav Molochko

Head of Engineering at Pango, Ukraine

I’m a system architect by heart, big scale and high load are my every day challenges. Failed state is the only constant in my world. I can talk about control theory, SRE, architecture of big projects. I bring theory and practice into mix of actionable steps, following that may or may not lead you to success.

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Self-healing in prod do you really need AI for that?



When you deal with production, idea of self-healing sounds really attractive, or maybe your VP is claiming that all his peers already doing AI, and we should do the same.

Doesn’t matter what is the reason – but there are big chances that you don’t need AI/ML, did you consider “control theory” already? Do you already have closed loop controllers and PID-controllers?

After the this talk you will get an idea of why AI is not really necessary, and in some cases it can even harm.


Slides may be found here.