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Noam Almog

Noam Almog

Architect at Wix, Israel

Noam is a backend engineer, and member of the backend engineering group in Wix. Noam is passionate about Clean Code and Software Craftsmanship and practices it on a daily basis at Wix. At Wix he designed, coded and deprecated many different projects and spends most of days coding while trying to keep up with as many exciting and emerging technologies. At his free time he is an amature photographer and a backpacker at heart.

Speaker's activity

Rapid Development With Microservices



Microservices is not a buzzword anymore, it influences our development process as well as our organizational structure. But still, when we start a new service, we want to move fast. Can we move fast while architecture our system correctly?

After developing a number of services in Wix, I want to share some of my experience with developing and architecting systems while keeping a high velocity.