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Aleksandr Tavgen

Aleksandr Tavgen

Software Architect at Playtech, Estonia

Aleksandr Tavgen is a Software Architect from Playtech with a more than 18y industry experience. He has worked in diverse fields at all levels of abstraction, from micro controllers to high level declarative programming and all points between. From Developer to SRE Engineer. Now we as a group working on an open source time series streaming engine in cooperation with community (InfluxDB, Grafana) Hobby projects related to Music and Theatre where we try to mix this field with IT.

Speaker's activity

Observability – the good, the bad and the ugly



We like to collect metrics, possible traces, logs, but there is a lot of failures and anti-patterns in this way. How large enterprises made it wrong and right? How to avoid common pitfalls and how to adapt machine learning to your monitoring.