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Sergii Zaskaleta

Sergii Zaskaleta

Project Manager at EPAM, Ukraine

4 years in management, currently play pre-sales delivery manager role on a financial services account where I’m responsible for winning and then starting up all the emerging business with this client.

Believer in the fact that quality assurance (with QA and AQA) is generally a good thing and we should all invest in it, but am yet to see a project where presence of QA made a tangible impact in a software project success.

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Need for testers is a lie



It is a widespread conception that QA resources in the team are a necessity and vast majority of projects place them in their teams – both functional and automation testers. I’ll try to debunk this by presenting examples of two successful projects of different size, domain and using different methodologies that succeeded without having a single tester on the team. Finally, we will discuss a few hypotheses attempting to explain why QA presence is so prevalent and what we could learn of it.