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Yevgen Mospan

Yevgen Mospan

Solution Architecht at EPAM, Ukraine

Yevgen has been in IT for 12+ years, currently being an expert at Java Competence Center and also often assigned as a Solution Architect to production projects. He has been involved in different projects in many business domains such as insurance, e-commerce, billing and logistics. His main interest is modern Java trends for building scalable, robust, highly available applications with focus on effective architecture.

Speaker's activity

Monitoring of reactive systems



Nowadays most of the new systems are distributed and use network as communication layer between their runtime elements. Reactive nature of the network and growing trend of brining reactive priniciples into applications themselves allow to organize systems which can process more user requests with less amount of resources. The main tradeoff for such approach is complexity, which basically brings more challenges to monitoring of such systems and tuning their performance.

During the talk speaker will share the experience of dealing with described problem. Journey will start from the basic monitoring priniciples to align everybody before diving into the world of modern monitroing tools. The capabilities of Dynatrace and OpsClarity are going be presented to demonstrate what information can be used during preproduction and production usage of the system. In the end of the session lessons learned will be shared collected while bringing big reactive distributed system into production.