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Andrey Trubitsyn

Andrey Trubitsyn

Solution Architect at EPAM, Ukraine

Andriy Trubitsyn is a hands-on architect passioned for microservices architecture style and spent a lot of nights researching the topic. A person who drivers a microservices accelerator in EPAM and consults about different aspects of microservices related things. Andriy can be regularly met as a speaker on tech talks in EPAM.

He is a person who can drive an abstract concept through to a very practical solution and to focus on issues until they are overcome.

Speaker's activity

Migrating huge monolith to microservices. How we did it in details.



This session is about migration from a huge monolith to microservices. I will tell you about our experience, not theory. The session depicts prerequisites to start a monolith separation, problems I bumped and obstacles that were overcome. In my presentation I will shortly depict problems with the monolith, show appearance of business and framework modules separation, describe necessity of internal and external API, depict certification of libraries and microservices and touch other questions like branching/release strategies.