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Igor Kochetov

Igor Kochetov

SDET at Unity Technologies, Ukraine

Software developer (.Net, Python) with 10+ years of expertise designing and developing distributed client-server applications currently building internal and external tools for Unity Technologies to enhance productivity of QA and R&D teams. Good engineering practices evangelist, religious about team culture and processes automation. Speaker at user groups and local events.

Speaker's activity

Lessons from automating Crash Reports handling at Unity



To be one of the leading tools for game developing industry with reach functionality and target platforms from desktop and mobile to VR/AR while having more than a million of registered users worldwide puts enormous pressure on QA and Support teams to deliver highest possible quality and smooth user experience.

Every software happen to have bugs, especially such complex ones like Unity.

Imaging trying to manually process around 6000 of user submitted bug reports per month! Your first reaction is to put more resources onto it, then you realize it stops scaling well and you start looking for other solutions.

In this talk we will discuss challenges we faced and solutions we made in order to build internal tools to help automate handling of crash reports (from collecting callstacks for both native (C++) and managed (C#) code, to infrastructure for submitting and storing reports, to online processing and decision-making services) which made everyday’s life of testers, developers and release managers at Unity much easier while providing our users with better feedback and quicker solutions to their problems.