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Torrey Powell

Torrey Powell

Sr. Director of Software Engineering at Clearlink, USA

I have been leading software engineering teams for 19 years. My focus has always been to create highly efficient teams that create great products with scalable and maintainable code bases. I am very passionate about engineering and I thrive in dynamic environments that create a culture of collaboration and team work. For these reasons, I have been drawn to Mob Programming. Through the course of my career, I have been part of some pretty amazing teams. However, I have never experienced a team dynamic that Clearlink currently has. It is fun, energetic, highly efficient, and every team member genuinely cares about the overall performance of the team. I am excited for what Mob Programming has done for Clearlink, the engineering team, and for me personally as a leader.

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Software engineers historically have largely worked alone and in a vacuum on key projects. This has caused problems with transparency, creates knowledge towers, increases technical debt, and stifles innovation. Mob Programming has given Clearlink solutions to all of those problems and created benefits that have been unforeseen during our first two years of adopting the practice. From our experiences, we outline some best practices that will be beneficial to all those who wish to also adopt this technique.