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Borys Zora

Borys Zora

Architect at Javatar LLC

Currently working as Tech Lead at PitchBook and architect at Javatar. I have worked as architect on 4 projects, 2 of them as full time employee, 2 as a consultant. Having 8-9 years development experience, my primary language is Java, but also I use Groovy and bash. I passionate about continuous-delivery. With Javatar team we open source CI/CD solutions and security library for µServices: https://github.com/JavatarPro. I have worked with different orchestration tools like Mesos/Marathon and Nomad, have used different pipelines for CI/CD like Jenkins declarative pipeline and Gitlab CI.

Serhii Petrychenko

Serhii Petrychenko

Software Architect at Golden Dimension, Ukraine

Passioned with microservices and all related things to them. He knows how to split monolith application into microservices and build continuous integration process for these purposes.

Speaker's activity

Javatar declarative pipeline for continuous-delivery – Jenkins pipeline shared library



Build quality into your µServices with jenkins declarative pipeline. Session has lots of demos with open source jenkins shared library, that aims to help you with quick setup of your project delivery lifecycle.

Attendees will learn how to build open source and free of charge CI/CD pipeline that could help many projects to speed up CI/CD integration using Jenkins. Pipelines works fine with different build tools & languages, from npm (angular, viewjs) to maven/gradle (java). Javatar declarative pipeline is Jenkins shared library that ease integrates securely with your infrastructure.