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Anuar Nurmakanov

Anuar Nurmakanov

Lead Software Engineer at EPAM, Kazakhstan

Anuar Nurmakanov is a software craftsmanship practitioner with more than nine years of experience in mobile, web, enterprise development, architecture, Scrum, and XP approaches and who likes public speaking and knowledge sharing.

Speaker's activity

In search of Domain-Driven-Design in the world of microservices



Every team has concerns about using the domain-driven design (DDD). What kind of benefits does it offer? Why is it better than everything they used before? What if we want to use microservices architecture right now or we plan to migrate to microservices architecture any time soon? How Domain Driven Design can help to find answers on all of these questions? Does DDD have anything available out of the box that helps us to deal with microservices and components in our architecture? What about bounded contexts and aggregates and some other options available in DDD? And finally, if we are well prepared right now and use all of the best practices from DDD, how can I migrate to microservices architecture when it is needed? What kind of anti-pattern all teams can face in their journey to Domain Driven Design?

As one of the key drivers of this process, an architect must be able to answer any questions coming from developers, business analysts, and even Scrum Masters. Architects must be ready and well prepared for any type of questions.

I will help you find the best answer to all these questions. I am going to share my team’s journey with DDD from the very beginning of a project and outlines the many problems we faced. I will also cover some anti-patterns to be afraid of and how to deal with them, DDD best practices, and how DDD and microservices ideas can leave together.


Slides may be found here.